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Wed, 12 July | 6:30PM

Blair Thornburgh Who's That Girl


We’re celebrating the release of Who's That Girl, a hilarious romantic debut novel from Blair Thornburgh!  Join us for an author-tastic launch party complete with reading, signing, refreshments, and more. This laugh-out-loud debut novel is filled with hilarious awkward encounters, a supportive LGBTQ...

Wed, 19 July | 7:00PM

Chris Colfer, The Land of Stories: Worlds Collide#1 New York Times bestselling author Chris Colfer returns on tour for the sixth and final book in The Land of Stories series! Join us at SteppingStone Theatre for an interactive event that will include: a reading from Chris, audience Q&A, The Land of Stories Trivia, a costume contest, and prizes. This is a ticketed event and a purchase of The Land of...

Fri, 21 July | 6:30PM

Four authors, four novels, one night! Red Balloon welcomes David Oppegaard, Sara Biren, Andrew DeYoung, and Sonia Halbach to St. Paul for a YA roundtable and literary shenanigans! They'll be sharing from their novels The Firebug of Balrog County, The Last Thing You Said, The Exo Project, and The...

Wed, 26 July | 6:30PM

Green Card Youth Voices Saint Paul People GatheringJoin us for a reading with some of the young authors featured in Green Card Youth Voices: Stories from a Saint Paul High School.  This collection contains first-hand stories from 30 immigrant students at LEAP High School in St. Paul and is published by Green Card Voices, the featured organization of this month's Book Gathering.  We'll hear students share their stories,...

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Picture Books

With rhythmic text and beautiful illustrations, this book takes you on a journey of trains, landscapes, and destinations. Young train lovers will enjoy this book and bonus--there is an illustrated train glossary in the back! -- Holly (RBB Staff)

Middle Grade

Aventurine the dragon is tired of her family babying her. She decides to go on a solo hunt to prove that she's all grown up, but when she tries to capture a human she learns two things: 1) humans are way smarter and trickier than she thought, and 2) there is a thing called chocolate and it is AMAZING. When Aventurine is transformed into a human herself by her dastardly prey, she sets off to get her dragon form back--but not before tracking down more of that chocolate... As thoroughly delicious as the best chocolate and with as much surprising fire as chili, this book is delightfully funny and wholly original. One warning: reading it will make you crave lots and lots of chocolate!  -- Lily (RBB Staff)

Young Adult

It's the 18th century, and Henry Montague (Monty) is about to embark on his grand tour of Europe. Accompanied by his best friend, Percy, and his sister, Felicity, he expects to have a grand old time. However, his father is insisting that Monty behaves--no more drinking, flirting with boys, or other vices are to be had on this trip. Monty struggles to control himself, and their trip is thrown off-course after a party gone wrong. Suddenly, Monty and his friends must survive pirates, rogue highwaymen, and a politically corrupt Ambassador to the French crown. With just enough magic, this fast-paced story is a refreshing addition to the YA world. Also, Monty and Percy are far too easy to ship--prepare to swoon.  -- Kelsie (RBB Staff)

When Dimple Shah is accepted to a summer competition in San Francisco for coders and app development, she can't believe it. She never expected her traditional Indian American parents to let her go, so when Rishi, an Indian American boy, proposes to her on the first day, she suspects her parents had taken on a matchmaking role. Dimple isn't ready for marriage--she wants to focus on her career as a coder and win the competition, Insomnia Con. Despite everything, Dimple starts to fall for sweet, caring Rishi--but will it cost her the competition? This has everything you want in a modern love story--romance, diversity, family, comedy, and a little bit of something called kismet.  -- Kelsie (RBB Staff)

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