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Tue, 3 January | 6:30PM

Join local author H.M. Bouwman to celebrate the release of her new, enchanting fantasy novel A Crack in the Sea. Count on books, cake, and great company. More details coming soon!




Sat, 7 January | 10:30AM

Ella and Penguin are back in Ella and Penguin: A Perfect Match!  Join local author Megan Maynor and your friends at Red Balloon for a matchless celebration complete with books, crafts, cake, and more.  More details coming soon!





Sat, 21 January | 2:00PM

Join Minnesota author Caren Stelson for reading, discussion, and activities surrounding Sachiko: A Nagasaki Bomb Survivor's Story. This striking work of narrative nonfiction tells the true story of six-year-old Sachiko Yasui's survival of the Nagasaki atomic bomb on August 9, 1945 and the heartbreaking and lifelong aftermath. Check back soon for more details!




Sat, 18 February | 2:00PM

Physisist, mathematician, alchemist!  Come learn everything you didn't know about Sir Isaac Newton with Minnesota author Mary Losure and her latest book, Isaac the Alchemist: Secrets of Isaac Newton Reveal'd. You won't want to miss this mathematically magickal book celebration. More details coming soon!





Take a look at a few new books we love
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Middle Grade

First in a series!? That's even better! This has all the trademarks of a satisfying sports story--obvious obstacles, team building, poor decisions, big let-downs, uplifting moments of victory--but manages to steer clear of anything too saccharine or corny. The relevance of gun violence to Ghost's backstory as well as his honest observations about race and appearances add to the importance and timeliness of the book. Great for kids ten and up,Ghost could be a great choice for seventh and eighth graders who are reading below grade level.  -- Angela (RBB Staff)


This beautifully illustrated picture book will help ease all ages from summer into autumn, and from there to winter beyond. At this time of year, there is excitement (school starting!) but also an air of sadness as we say goodbye to bright, sunny, carefree days and begin to settle into a more structured life. As we say goodbye to summer, we discover that autumn has its own beauty to look forward to and enjoy. -- Susan (RBB Staff)

Young Adult

Alejandra is a witch--a bruja--and the most powerful in her family, no matter how much she despises her powers. When she tries to rid herself of her magic at her Deathday, the canto backfires and her entire family is sent into a twisted, dark Wonderland known as Los Lagos. With the help of her best friend and a young brujo, she must traverse a land where everything is dangerous and nothing's as it seems, in order to bring her family back.Labyrinth Lost is an incredible adventure of a book, filled with unique magic and fascinating Latin American lore. Zoraida Cordova's writing is rich, imaginative, and all kinds of wonderful. Perfect for fans of Wonderland and clever fantasy, Labyrinth Lost is a fall must-read. -- Amanda W. (Teens Read Book Club)


A twisty, turning tale of dark family secrets that are slowly revealed in a deliberate pace. We are introduced to the Quinlan family on the eve of the matriarch's death. Slowly, we learn of reasons for Jack Quinlan's escape from his hometown. Tension builds as we are immersed in the family deception. We are left stunned at the explosive ending. Perfect for fans of S. J. Watson.   -- Julie (RBB Staff)

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