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Sun, 22 October | 7:00PM

John Green Hank Green Turtles All the Way DownAs of Oct 5, this event is SOLD OUT.  You may still order signed copies of John Green's books from Red Balloon Bookshop through Oct 20.

Join #1 bestselling author John Green and special guest Hank Green at The O’Shaughnessy Auditorium on tour in support of John’s new novel, Turtles All the Way Down. In...

Tue, 24 October | 6:30PM

Join Minneapolis author Jane O'Reilly for a celebration of her new book The Notations of Cooper Cameron. Find out why all the critics are raving about this heartfelt, realistic story from the author of The Secret of Goldenrod.  We’ll enjoy a reading from the author, time for questions about the book, and delicious celebratory refreshments.

Wed, 25 October | 6:30PM

In honor of our Kindness Book Gathering and anti-bullying month,  Red Balloon is pleased to host a community book discussion of Wonder by R. J. Palacio. This is the story of Auggie Pullman, an ordinary 5th grader with an extraordinary face. This powerful bestseller is the book that inspired the Choose Kind movement and a great story about friendship,...

Sat, 28 October | 10:30AM

Winter is coming, but Where are All the Minnesotans?  Find out in this delightful new picture book by author Karlyn Coleman and illustrator Carrie Hartman. Join the author and illustrator at Red Balloon for a pre-winter book launch party complete with books refreshments, and fun!

Take a look at a few new books we love
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Picture Books

Yak and Dove are friends. Yak and Dove are opposites. Perhaps, they think, they are not friends? This tale is told in three separate stories. First Yak and Dove think they could be twins, but soon are listing each other's faults. Yak has fur, Dove has feathers, Yak likes quiet, Dove likes noise. Soon, they are not smiling at each other. They are not friends. Yak laments his loss and auditions a new friend. Guess who gets the role?! In the end, Yak and Dove realize that friends don't have to be the same. A fun read-aloud for all ages. — Julie (RBB Staff)

Middle Grade

Perhaps you didn't know that trees could talk. This story is told from the perspective of Red, an old red oak tree, who has quite the story to tell. For years, humans have been tying wishes to her branches—wishes for happiness, love, and friendship. When Samar and her family arrive in the neighborhood and receive a mixed welcome, Red makes it her mission make the young girl's wish come true. Highly recommend for readers of all ages!  — Stacy (RBB Staff)

Young Adult

Moxie follows Vivian, a high school student in a small town in Texas. She is motivated to start a feminist revolution called MOXIE by her mother's involvement in the Riot Grrrl movement of the 90s and sexist boys (and adults!) at her school. Moxie is an inspiring book to read for young people; especially girls. The book battles not only sexism, but racism, and homophobia, too. Moxie truly shows that women are capable of anything when we work together!  — Quinn J. (Teen Book Club)


The Origin of Others is a cogent and timely assessment of the ways we form our ideas of who is Other—and lesser. Morrison draws on her own experience, as well as on history and literature, making this her most personal collection so far. I found this the most interesting when she looks at her own novels, especially Paradise and Beloved, and her analysis of globalization was particularly helpful. A slim volume, packed with things that make me re-consider my own ideas. — Joan (RBB Staff)

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