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Sat, 27 January | 10:30AM

Storytime with Alan Page, Kamie Page & David GeisterCelebrate syrup season with Alan Page, Kamie Page, and David Geister and their latest book Grandpa Alan's Sugar Shack.  A grandfather takes his granddaughter up north to show her how real maple syrup is made--and once she tries it she's never going back to the fake stuff. Join the authors and...

Thu, 1 February | 6:30PM

Kamilla Benko, The Unicorn QuestGet ready for your next great magical adventure with Kamilla Benko and The Unicorn Quest!  After moving into their great aunt's house, Claire and her sister Sophie find their way into Arden, a magical world teetering on the brink of war. Meet the author of this fantastic new fantasy, hunt for unicorn artifacts in the in-store scavenger hunt, and make your own unicorn bookmark!...

Sat, 10 February | 10:30AM

Tammi Sauer, WORDY BIRDY It's a special Saturday storytime at Red Balloon in St. Paul with guest author Tammi Sauer and her hilarious new book, Wordy Birdy. Wordy Birdy loves to talk, but she's not so great at listening. In fact, she's so bad at listening, even her animal friends might not be able to keep her out of...

Fri, 23 February | 6:30PM

Celebrate the release of Minnesota author Beth Hautala's latest book, The Ostrich and Other Lost Things, with a Red Balloon launch party! Stay tuned for more details.....

Take a look at a few new books we love
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Picture Books

A delightful new counting adventure starring fox and the bunnies from Everybunny Play! The critters enjoy a lovely woodland hide and seek game that helps little readers count up to 10. The bright, high-contrast illustrations and tight rhyming narration make this a great readaloud with ample story extension opportunities. — Angela (RBB Staff)

Middle Grade

Robinson is the kind of girl we all applaud--strong, and unafraid to stand up to a bully. But the adults around her don't think it's so cool when that means punching said bully in the nose. She would resist teachers' efforts to teach her anger control, except her grandfather, who is her legal guardian, is beginning to have trouble remembering things. What will happen when he injures himself, and she's barely able to keep him from wandering off into the wood? Characters you really care about, and a satisfactory resolution, even though we, as adult readers, know that other changes in Robison's life are inevitable.  — Joan (RBB Staff)

Young Adult

If you like to believe that love comes in all shapes, sizes, and situations then you will love this collection of short stories. Meet Cute has a similar feel to My True Love Gave To Me with a collection from your favorite authors. A great read to start the new year. — Stacy (RBB Staff)

Amelia and Jules are very different when they find their paths cross on an earth like planet searching for alien artifacts. They join together in an unstable partnership and end up uncovering disturbing information that could threaten the human race. This book is the definition of "nail biting", "heart reaching", "page turning", and "on the edge of your seat". You will enjoy this if you've enjoyed other books by Amie Kaufman or if you are a sci-fi fan.  — Amy L. (Teen Book Club)

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