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Thu, 17 August | 10:30AM

Goodnight Lab Chris FerrieWash your hands, strap on your safety goggles, and get ready for an extra special Science Storytime with author and scientist Chris Ferrie and his new book, Goodnight Lab.  Chris, the author of Quantum Physics for Babies and many other science books for very young readers, will join Miss Angela at Thursday storytime.  He’ll read from his...

Sat, 19 August | 3:00PM

Chris Monroe Monkey with a Toolbelt Silly School MysteryChico Bon Bon is back in Monkey With a Tool Belt and the Silly School Mystery!  Join Minnesota author Chris Monroe for a special Back to School Monkey with a Tool Belt storytime and party. Will Chico Bon Bon have what he needs in his trusty tool belt to solve the mystery of the disappearing school supplies? We’ll hear Chris read from the new book, try...

Tue, 22 August | 6:30PM

Red Balloon Educator NightEducators grades prek-12 are invited to Educator Night 2017 at Red Balloon Bookshop in St. Paul. Enjoy refreshments while you hear all about our school and educator services and book talks on new, hot titles from Red Balloon’s expert staff.  We’ll have plenty of classroom giveaways for everyone and a few lucky winners will take home some top-...

Wed, 23 August | 6:30PM

Alison McGhee Pablo and BirdyCelebrate the release of Minnesota author Alison McGhee's latest middle grade novel, Pablo and Birdy at Red Balloon! More details coming soon....






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Picture Books

I loved this sweet little story, a first chapter book. Nicky's Uncle Everton brings her a puppy and surprise!--her parents are open to the idea. Barkus follows Nicky to school and surprise!--her teacher welcomes him as part of the class. Barkus's birthday comes along and surprise!--Nicky's family welcomes all his friends for a glorious celebration. And so it goes. At the end there is a tent sleepover and Nicky retells the tale of how Barkus came to be hers as a camp-out story. First book in a series. Wonderful! -- Susan (RBB Staff)

Middle Grade

A story of three kids, each from a different time period and a different country, but each one on a journey with their families seeking refuge. Josef is escaping 1930s Germany, Isabel is leaving 1994 Cuba, and Mahmoud is fleeing 2015 Syria. Each story is historically accurate, fascinating, and heart-breaking. As you turn the pages, you will find yourself crying for these kids and their tragic losses but also rooting for them and their incredible resilience. Your eyes will open to the emotional, tumultuous path that many families take in trying to find safety and security. An engaging and important read for both kids and adults. -- Holly (RBB Staff)

Young Adult

Billie McCaffrey lives in a rural southern town. She is the daughter of a preacher. She is also a tomboy. Most of her time is spent with her close group of friends, cleverly named "the Hexagon." She's been in love with her friend Woods for years, but her best friend Janie Lee is in love with him, too. Billie might also be in love with Janie Lee. Oh, and it's possible that she also has a crush on their new friend Davey, who is probably gay. She's got a lot going on in her head, and she begins a journey of self-discovery when she and her friends decide to save their town's harvest festival. Billie tries her best to balance her faith and her friends, but when sexuality and gender identity come into play, everything flips and she must find a way to keep herself from falling. -- Kelsie (RBB Staff)


A gorgeously detailed historical fantasy novel that spans England, China, and Peru. The year is 1859, and Merrick Tremayne is enlisted by his former employers, the East India Trading Company, to smuggle ingredients for a crucial malaria treatment past the monopoly holders in Peru. Along the way, his story slips into fantasy like sliding into warm water--statues that are alive in legend, a priest who looks young but might not be. And though Merrick begins his trip loyal only to the Company, his loyalties shift the longer he's in Peru. Richly described and quietly romantic, this book is an absorbing and beautiful read.  -- Lily (RBB Staff)

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