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Wed, 29 March | 6:30PM

Brandon Mull DragonwatchThe Dragons are no longer our allies…. Join internationally bestselling author Brandon Mull for an epic evening in honor of Dragonwatch, the long-awaited sequel to the Fablehaven series. Learn all about the new series (and some things you didn’t know about Brandon Mull!), try your hand at the Fablehaven trivia challenge, pick up some limited edition Dragonwatch swag, and...

Sat, 1 April | 2:00PM

Tracy Nelson Mauer Noah Webster's Fighting WordsGet out your red pencils;Twin Cities author Tracy Nelson Maurer is bringing Noah Webster’s Fighting Words to Red Balloon Bookshop. Never one to shirk from a fight, Webster wanted many things: independence from the English, easier spelling, and a word for skunk, to name a few. Learn all about this lesser-known revolutionary and famous dictionary-maker in this...

Sun, 2 April | 4:00PM

Douglas Wood Old Turtle Questions of the HeartCelebrate the 25th anniversary of the picture book classic Old Turtle with acclaimed Minnesota author Douglas Wood and his new book, Old Turtle: Questions of the Heart.  Once again, Old Turtle's wise answers to life's difficult questions offer readers of all ages inspiration, solace, and the most important gift of all--hope. Join Douglas and your friendly neighborhood booksellers...

Sat, 8 April | 10:30AM

Children's Theater Company Frog ToadGet ready for Children's Theatre Company's production of A Year with Frog and Toad with a special Frog and Toad storytime. More details coming soon!





Take a look at a few new books we love
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Picture Books

Poor Louie.  He has the worst cold ever. And his nose is so clogged that his words are are completely misunderstood.  He just wants the comfort of his mom but whenever he tries calling, "MOM!"  it comes out as "BOB!" and his slobbering dog (named Bob) excitedly comes running.  This book captures the misery of having the worst cold ever with great humor.  A fun read-aloud that older kids will enjoy reading to younger kids. -- Holly (RBB Staff)

Middle Grade

Beautiful, often heart-wrenching story of Flora and Julian, who have been in the foster care system so long they can't quite believe they're now in a forever home. And they don't believe they were ever born, because there is no proof they were, but when their mom becomes pregnant, it sparks a search for their own beginnings. Flora has a unique way of looking at life, and if her insights sometimes seem far beyond her years, they are also spot-on and heartfelt. I loved this, beginning to end. -- Joan (RBB Staff)

Young Adult

This gorgeously wrought novel takes us into the claustrophobic space of an empty dorm and the even more claustrophobic depression that can come from grief. Marin is just barely surviving, living in the dorms over the holiday break because she has nowhere else to go. When her best friend and ex-girlfriend Mabel comes to visit, a few other things come with her--a reason to tell someone what's happened, a reason to find her way out of this space. Spare and achingly lovely--an incredible read. -- Lily (RBB Staff)


I don't think there was a moment in this book when I didn't have tears in my eyes--from sorrow, from joy, from a mix of the two. Gorgeously rendered in graphic novel form, Bui's memoir covers an incredible range: the "long shadow" of grief and trauma, the history of Vietnam, the ways we inevitably fail our parents and our children. This is a story of families, of refugees, and of identity--one that would be needed in any moment, but especially now. 14+. -- Lily (RBB Staff)

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