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It's a Birthday Club

For years Red Balloon Birthday Club has been our way not only to celebrate an important day in a child's life, but also to encourage them in the adventure of reading. Every member (until they're 18)  receives a card in the mail wishing them Happy Birthday. But it is also a $3 coupon.  The coupon is good for anything we sell, but we recommend a book, of course!

If you'd like your child(ren) to be a member, call or e-mail us at  Put "Birthday Club" in the subject line, then include your child's first and last name, birth month and year (not day) and the address where you'd like the card to be sent. This information will only be used for the Birthday Club. We'll e-mail confirmation that your child(ren) have been signed up. Then each year around their birthday they will receive a birthday card-'n-coupon in the mail from us.