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Picture Books

Ursula Upside Down is a fun, quirky book about a catfish who experiences the world in a way that is different from those around her. When she begins to question herself and her view of the world, help comes from an unlikely friend. This book was beautiful to look at and fun to read. The illustrations do a wonderful job of conveying Ursula's world, and include some interactive elements from the reader too! I know that this heartfelt story will be a favorite of mine for a long time to come. -Ursula

Middle Grade

Wren Nightingale and her best friend Lee are practically inseparable. Except that the day after her 18th birthday, Lee is supposed to leave for Academia de la Luna, a magickal school off the Seattle coast, and leave Wren behind, since she wasn't gifted any magick from the moon like Lee was. But on the night of her 18th birthday, Wren is moonstruck, and suddenly possesses the magick she had always wished for. Instead of staying home and working at her uncle's bookstore, Wren and Lee are suddenly whisked off to magick school together, and must figure out if fate will allow them to stay together, or be torn apart. Friends to lovers, dark academia vibes, loveable characters, and a unique magic system--this book has it all! -Kelsie

Young Adult

Samira Ahmed’s latest really hits the ground running with this story about Noor, a soon-to-be high school graduate fighting book bans at her new school. I found that I often needed to set the book down so I could huff and puff about the bigotry on full display by some characters, which is an all-too real reflection of how book bans are weakly justified today. But it was never long before I picked it up again to find that fiery Noor and her friends were more than up to the task of taking on the adults and peers who would silence them. Go, Noor! -Claire


I knew next to nothing about Cass Elliot before I read this book other than my peripheral knowledge of her work with The Mamas & The Papas (and the Pedro Pascal meme involving "Make Your Own Kind of Music"), but after this book I've come to love and revere not just Cass but her whole family. Her daughter Owen grew up hearing stories of her mother from family, friends, and music industry titans and felt not only the love that came from the stories but the loneliness of being that famous that quickly. While Owen's life after her mother's passing is less dramatic, it's no less interesting seeing her piece together the legacy her mother left behind. A truly wonderful read! -Gigi