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Sat, 2 February | 3:00PM


St. Paul author H.M. Bouwman returns to Red Balloon Bookshop to celebrate the release of A Tear in the Ocean! This stunning middle grade historical fantasy adventure is a companion to the critically acclaimed A Crack in the Sea. Join H.M. Bouwman for a reading...

Tue, 5 February | 6:30PM

Joanna Hathaway, DARK OF THE WEST


Celebrate the beginning of an epic new young adult fantasy series with debut Minnesota author Joanna Hathaway and Dark of the West. This sweeping story of war, love, vengeance, and court intrigue has everything from family secrets to stolen kisses to...

Wed, 6 February | 10:30AM

Deborah Underwood, Bearnard's Book


Bestselling author Deborah Underwood (Interstellar Cinderella, Goodnight Baddies, The Quiet Book) is coming to Wednesday storytime to share Bearnard's Book with us! Bearnard has been invited by the Queen of Storybook Land to...

Sat, 9 February | 10:30AM

Mike Wohnoutka, Croc & Turtle!


Join local author/illustrator Mike Wohnoutka for a celebration of his latest picture book, Croc & Turtle, starring two of the bestest friends ever! Croc wants to be the best at everything, but it's not really working out for him. We'll hear...

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Picture Books

Patricia McKissak has left us one last book which is perfect for Valentine's Day. James Otis has lost a lot in the past 2 months, but not as much as the Temple family, and one Sunday Reverend Dennis asks his congregation to give whatever they can to help. James Otis can't imagine what he could possibly give, but is reminded that what is given from the heart reaches the heart. A lovely book to show kids the act of compassion is acceptable any time. Not just at Valentine's Day. — Julie (RBB Staff)

Middle Grade

Min has never been off of her dusty, poorly-terraformed planet, but she longs to follow her brother, Jun, into the Space Force so that they can explore the universe together. So when a government investigator shows up to tell them that Jun has gone AWOL, Min can't believe it. She runs away to find him and clear his name, relying on her fox-magic as she encounters mercenaries, ghosts, and generals. Along the way, her mission broadens—finding Jun is still top priority, but somehow she also needs to help a ghost, protect her new friends, and find the legendary and powerful Dragon Pearl. With incredible world-building and a prickly but relatable main character, this next installment in the Rick Riordan Presents imprint is out of this world. Literally. — Lily (RBB Staff)

Young Adult

Zounds! Mackenzi Lee's done it again! In this delightful second volume of the Montague siblings' adventures, Felicity is dead set on becoming a doctor, even though none of the medical schools admit women. She's considering giving up when an unlikely opportunity to work with her medical idol appears. The only problem? He's about to marry her former best friend, emphasis on the former. As Felicity dives head-first into her ambitions, she learns that being a feminist doesn't mean putting down women who aren't like her, and that teaming up with other ladies might be the best way to live her dreams. Funny, diverse, and very clever, this is the rare sequel that's as good as the first.  — Lily (RBB Staff)


This psychological thriller is both very psychological and very thrilling. I read until the wee hours and my dreams were disturbed. I was happy to wake up this morning. I loved it! Jessica Farris thinks the psychology study she signed up for will be a quick, easy way to make money. She is wrong, so very wrong. Soon her world is turned upside down, and she doesn't know what is real and what isn't. A paranoiac look at how far someone will go when an obsession takes over. — Julie (RBB Staff)

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