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Take a look at a few new books we love
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Picture Books

Pure comedy genius! This fantastically illustrated book is perfect for storytime, Halloween, and any day you're serving soup. Just put the frogs on the spoon! —Angela

Middle Grade

Set in 1960s England, this is the story of 11-year-old Maggie, who, because of her stutter and difficulties in school, is sent to live in the countryside with a grandfather she hardly knows. When she finds a snow leopard cub in the forest near his house, the magic and adventure begin. A wonderful debut that addresses our connection to the natural world and to each other. Charming, hopeful and powerful. —Holly

Young Adult

I love this second novel by Rachel Griffiths. An emotional story about guilt, regret, and vulnerability. Incredible storytelling and full of rich descriptions! Love the magic and the animals and the cozy, woodsy feeling. I felt like I was out walking in the woods. A wonderful book! —Jaya


Lizzie and Rake don't do commitment and they don't do love, but they're committed to being platonic co-parents to their baby on-the-way after a brief weekend together. It should be easy, but with complicated family relationships, mental health issues, and an oh-so small living space, it's hard to just stay friends. Wickedly funny and incredibly heartwarming! —Gigi