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Picture Books

This unicorn may be teeny-weeny, but my love for him is big! Shawn Harris’s new picture book is a hilarious story of a bad road encounter disguised as a story about how size is relative disguised as a story about unicorns. There’s an aggrieved, ultra teeny-weeny gnome, a big palace—oh, and also, horses are mythical beasts. So delightful! -Claire

Middle Grade

Weatherby and Jack, rivals in the prestigious Boston School's sailing team, seemingly have nothing in common and would rather capsize their boats than work together. But when they're both tapped to join the exclusive secret society known as The Last Heir, they soon find out they're actually in the same boat: lying is what got them there and keeping secrets is what will keep them afloat. An incredibly fast-paced mystery that you'll want to chase to the end! -Gigi

Young Adult

A lovely cozy season read! Daniel Sanchez’s story will be relatable to everyone who’s ever felt anxious about the differences that could set them apart. In Daniel’s case, he assumes being a nerdy, autistic photographer makes him a satellite in other peoples' orbits (spoiler alert: he’s wrong). There’s much to love here, whether it’s the cast of queer and neurodiverse characters or the evolving relationships between them. Bonus: it takes place in Minnesota! -Claire


This was great! Historical fiction but with all the fixings: a bit of magic, a detective following clues, a bit of romance, and multiple characters with (secretly) intertwined pasts. It has all the good stuff in just the right amounts. -Angela