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Picture Books

Life is full of many special moments, and Caldecott honoree Marla Frazee has captured them perfectly in this companion to All the World. The text is SO simple, but the exquisite illustrations speak volumes. I dare anyone to read this book and not get teary-eyed. What a wonderful gift for parents, grandparents, or virtually anyone with a pulse! —Barb

Middle Grade

When Paul’s grandmother is stopped at an airport security check because of a strange container in her luggage, effects ripple out to other Asian American children waiting for their flights. Each story, written by a different Asian American author, highlights the individuality of the kids–their interests, relationships to their families, and relationships to the countries of their familys’ origins. But the kids face a similar racism in the way people see them, throwing them into moments of brief connection to each other. —Joan

Young Adult

In the jungles of Jamaica, 18-year-old Victoria leads tours through the wilderness as a Wildblood, someone who uses their magic to protect the tourists. The latest tour is for Thorn, a renowned goldminer, who is handsome and kind to Victoria. It's up to her to get them through the jungle in one piece. The adventure in this story jumps off the pages. Lush setting, interesting magic, and a hopeful romance. An excellent read! (Author's CW: blood/gore; physical/sexual assault; death; sexual trauma; disturbing imagery; body horror; spiders; references to suicide and suicidal ideation.) —Jaya


Every now and then I’ll read something that makes me think, “Wow. Why can’t every book be like this?” In the case of Moses Ose Utomi’s debut novella, I’ve been saying it out loud to anyone who will listen, because this is a story that knows exactly where it’s going and wastes no time in getting there. Fans of the classic hero’s journey will love this timely, albeit brutal, tale which explores cycles of oppression and the power of truth. I can already tell Utomi will be an author I will return to, and look forward to reading his young adult debut, Daughters of Oduma, next! —Claire