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Picture Books

Get ready to meet Plum: zoo ambassador, detective, and downright friendly bird! This delightfully (and abundantly) illustrated chapter book is fantastic—the zoo animal characters are great, the "mystery" isn't too scary, and the jokes are hilarious. Perfect for kids reading chapter books on their own, or for a confident reader to read aloud (especially if they can do all the voices!) —Angela

Middle Grade

Evan and his family are leaving their racially diverse neighborhood in California and moving to Virginia. When he starts his new school, he is shocked to learn that he is the only Asian American student. He quickly makes friends but experiences bullying from others. When the school starts planning their annual Civil War reenactment, he’s excited because he loves history. He gets more excited when he discovers the little-known fact that Chinese Americans fought in the Civil War—a discovery that is met with skepticism and violence by some in his new community. Told through alternating perspectives, this nuanced story addresses difficult and heavy topics with great care. Evan’s strength, wisdom, and courage and his new community’s ability to make change will fill you with hope and optimism. —Holly

Young Adult

Exactly one year ago, Leo's sister Nina died in a car crash. Since then, she's had a lot of time to reflect on the accident—and to try and figure out why she can't remember what happened that night. Nina's boyfriend, East, has been the one constant keeping Leo afloat. The only person who was also there that night, the only one who understands what she's going through. But for some reason, East keeps Leo at a distance...Told in reverse chronological order, A Year to the Day is a heartfelt story about sisterhood, growing up, and the complexity of grief. This is an excellent read for people who loved I'll Give You the Sun. —Kelsie


Such a delightful romance! I loved every page. The characters are great—complex and real. The setting is fantastic—who doesn't want to go to Paris and Edinburgh? And, the steam is A+! Love seeing diverse characters in a Regency setting. Love the marriage of convenience, and the fact that they can't help themselves by falling in love. Just so wonderful! —Jaya