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Picture Books

How do the animals of the forest celebrate the longest day of the year? By offering gifts of the season's bounty to each other, along with good wishes! The lyrical words and gentle, glowing illustrations blend to make a treasure of a book. Hooray, Summer! -Barb

Just in time for Father's Day--a wonderful, nostalgic story about fishing with Dad. The young man remembers his camping trips with his father as he waits for him to return from the war. I love the spare text and the beautifully-rendered illustrations--just perfect! -Barb

Middle Grade

Eleven-year-old Piper has to grow up–she’s been on blockers since she was six and diagnosed with precocious puberty, and her mom is insisting the shots stop. But Piper’s seen how women–including her mom–are treated, and she believes that getting her period, and hormones, and everything else that comes with puberty will keep her from winning the state-wide academic decathlon with her best friend. Caela Carter weaves an absorbing story of a girl’s struggle to come to terms with what her changing body means, miscommunication between people who love each other, the support of wise and understanding friends, and the fierce competition to be the best and brightest with Piper’s original conception of metaphorical math–her attempt to explain matters of the heart with the rationality of her mind. - Joan

Young Adult

A weird and delightful YA speculative story about friendship and loneliness. The author weaves together a story that is equal parts heartache and fun. Readers will be cheering Wilson on as she attempts to save her best friend Annie from death for a second time. -Mallory


Midwest church ladies, pie, and funeral lunches make The Funeral Ladies of Ellerie County a cozy must-read!  Food is the love language of Esther and her friends--at funerals, baby showers, or welcoming parties--food is the one way. But when Esther needs some help of her own, the community needs to come together.  Complete with a tv cooking show celebrity, church cookbook fundraiser, and family drama. Perfect for fans of J. Ryan Stradal and Kim Fay (Love & Saffron). -Kelly