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Sat, 22 February | 2:00PM

Celebrate the release of Railway Jack: The True Story of an Amazing Baboon, the first nonfiction picturebook from local author KT Johnston!  More details coming soon!





Thu, 27 February | 10:30AM

Emotions Storytime with Ioana Stoian and ALWAYS BE YOU
Storytime at Red Balloon Bookshop this Thursday is all about emotions! Join Storyteller Angela along with local author and paper artist, Ioana Stoian, for stories songs and rhymes all about emotions, feelings, and being yourself. Ioana will share her beautiful new board book, Always Be You, along with some other favorite stories, and stick...

Sat, 7 March | 9:30AM

March 7 is Paper Bag Princess Day #StandUptoDragons


Hear ye, hear ye, all dragons, princesses, and princes! In honor of the first ever Paper Bag Princess Day, Red Balloon Bookshop in St. Paul is hosting a storytime celebration featuring one of our long-time favorite picture books: The Paper Bag Princess by Robert...

Sat, 7 March | 2:00PM


Red Balloon invites you to a party at two with local author Aimée Bissonette and her lovely new book, Do Not Rake Your Garden in a Party Dress! Join us for a storytime with the author and celebration of this gentle, whimsical, cautionary tale,...

Take a look at a few new books we love
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Picture Books

Each page tells an empowering story about a different girl — and experiences from pimples to making friends. It is inspiring and poetic. Readers will love this book because it encourages them to be different, weird, and love themselves.  — Stacy (RBB Staff)

This lovely picture book opens with a riveting scene of a distinguished African American speaking before Congress, a group of all-white men who were not always respectful. But after ten minutes he had won them over by explaining how the lowly peanut could be used in over 300 hundred ways, and replenish the soil it was planted in to boot. Carver was initially self-taught, planting a secret garden as a boy where he harvested flowers and observed the seasons. He was eventually hired by the prestigious Tuskegee Institute where he conducted research on the peanut. He was an early environmentalist, proponent of racial harmony, and adviser to world leaders. And he lived by these words: "Regard Nature, Revere Nature, Respect Nature." A beautifully illustrated and inspiring true story . — Susan (RBB Staff)

Young Adult

Diz and her friends have been running a profitable maz (magic) smuggling ring for years. Now, with each of them heading their separate ways for college, it's time for their last ever heist...and then maybe one more after that? In a world where access to magic—and other resources—is highly controlled, Diz and co. sell their stolen maz on the black market to survive. But when a heist goes very, very wrong, the fallout twists their futures up in the workings of the very sketchy corporation that oversees maz distribution. A delightful adventure—very fun, very queer, and very smart.  — Lily (RBB Staff)

Candace Fleming has written another outstanding biography, this time about the American aviator hero, Charles Lindbergh. He was at the top of his game in 1927 when he flew across the Atlantic in a nonstop flight from New York to Paris. He later studied Eugenics, came to admire what he saw of Nazi Germany, invented an "artificial heart," was a leader in the America First Committee, wrote a Pulitzer Prize winning book, continued to grow his family after the kidnapping and death of his first son, and established three simultaneous other families in Europe. He was a fascinating and flawed person who was determined to live life on his own terms. Lots of topics for discussion in this book including the effect the press has on one's view of the world. Great for a personal read or a classroom discussion. — Susan (RBB Staff)

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