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Wed, 17 July | 10:30AM

Patio Piano Storytime

Grab your blankets, sunhats, and strollers because it's time for Patio Piano Storytime at Red Balloon Bookshop in St. Paul! Join Storyteller Angela, guest pianist Lillie, and all your storytime friends for an extra-musical, extra-fun, outdoor edition of storytime. We'll read, sing, and rhyme around our amazing patio piano, which has been furnished by Keys 4/4 Kids and decorated by...

Thu, 18 July | 6:30PM

Bob Dylan Family Sing Along

Come one, come all to the (first ever) Bob Dylan Family Sing Along at Red Balloon Bookshop in St. Paul!  

Save the date -- more details coming soon!




Sat, 20 July | 10:30AM

Trisha Speed Shaskan, THE ITTY-BITTY WITCHRed Balloon Bookshop's having a very special, very witchy, Saturday storytime party in honor of local author Trisha Speed Shaskan and her new book, The Itty-Bitty Witch. Join us for a reading of this delightful new picture book, a chance to chat with the author,...

Sat, 20 July | 6:00PM

Grand Author Get-Together & Open House

The authors are coming, the authors are coming! Head to Red Balloon Bookshop this Saturday for the very special, after-hours, Grand Author Get Together & Open House. Join your friendly neighborhood booksellers for a chance to...

Take a look at a few new books we love
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Picture Books

Bear and Spider (and Ursula) are back!! Spider has made a lovely kite, but Bear does NOT want to go outside. After all, who would want to go outside when there are so many fun things to do inside, like tidying. Oh, I am so happy to have this book in my hand. We find out what happens when helping a friend brings one outside their comfort zone. Rain, and mud, and general untidiness can be quite enriching, after all.  — Julie (RBB Staff)

Love this book that so perfectly captures all the emotions of the very first day of school. Excitement, fear, feeling overwhelmed, courage, and finally delight, are all conveyed in just two important words: SO BIG! (with a few little twists at the end). Readers will sail on the ups and downs of the story, basking in the warm colors and charming drawings used to illustrate this widely-shared experience.  — Susan (RBB Staff)

Young Adult

When Haley gets a text from Martin Nathaniel Munroe II, it should be clear who she's talking to—except there are two boys with the same name at her school. When she asks which one, he says "the good one." As they start to become friends, there's only one problem: Haley thinks she's texting one Martin, but she's actually texting the other. Can their friendship (and maybe more) survive the confusion? Told entirely in funny, sarcastic, nerdy texts, this is a completely charming romance and a great read from a new Twin Cities author .   — Lily (RBB Staff)


Say Say Say may be short in length, but this debut novel captures the heart-breaking relationships between a caregiver, her brain-damaged charge, and the husband dealing with the loss of his spouse. Savage is a keen observer of human nature, and it shows. Love—in all its guises—is messy and complicated—but in the end, it's what we have. It's not about happiness and perfection, it's about the experience and being open to it.  — Barb (RBB Staff)

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