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Picture Books

This inspiring picture book by Sonia Manzano (aka Maria from SESAME STREET) is just what we need right now! The awesome National Geographic photos of kids from all parts of the globe complement her message of worldwide solidarity and friendship. Here's hoping we all will hang out together again soon—and without masks! — Barb (RBB Staff)

Middle Grade

Noa Marchena lives in exile with her siblings on a magical, ever-moving island. They're safe there, protected by a not-very-loyal sea serpent and by big brother Julian's unmatched magical powers from the rebellious courtiers who chased them out of their kingdom after their mother, the queen, died. But rumors from their homeland suggest that those same courtiers are on a quest for something that could defeat even Julian—at least if the Marchena siblings don't find it first. A story about family, about the bad things good people sometimes do, and about different kinds of strength. A delightful, clever middle grade adventure. — Lily (RBB Staff)

Young Adult

Wow! This book DID NOT stop! The pacing was excellent. I loved every second of it! This is a King Arthur reimagining for the 21st century with a Black girl front and center. The story kept me guessing and I was delightfully surprised by the direction some plot points went. I cheered for Bree, I cried with her, and I hoped for her—she's a wonderful main character, flawed and determined. To say I need book two now is a complete understatement. — Jaya (RBB Staff)


Holbrook’s easy, conversational tone belies the difficulties and challenges she has faced as a black woman in Minneapolis, establishing herself as a writer, arts activist, and teacher, while also being a single mother raising five children. Incarcerated as a pregnant 16 year-old, she went on to become a major voice in the Twin Cities literary community, providing opportunities and support for marginalized writers as she struggled with depression, the aftermath of an abusive relationship, and the racism of off-hand comments and closed doors. Through her story, we see what can be accomplished with passion, determination, and a deep, caring heart. — Joan (RBB Staff)

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