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Sat, 24 February | 2:00PM

Joyce Sidman, THE GIRL WHO DREW BUTTERFLIESJoin award-winning Minneapolis poet Joyce Sidman for a celebration of her latest book, The Girl Who Drew Butterflies: How Maria Merian's Art Changed Science. This beautifully designed biography for young readers explores the life of the artist and naturalist Maria Merian...

Sat, 3 March | 9:30AM

Hats Off to Reading - Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!The Cat in the Hat is back in St. Paul! In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, you are invited to an extra-special Seussy storytime with everyone’s favorite feline troublemaker, the Cat in the Hat. Our storytellers are working hard with the Cat to plan all sorts of stories, songs, rhymes, fingerplays...

Sun, 4 March | 3:00PM to 4:00PM

Trisha Speed Shaskan & Stephen Shaskan, Q & Ray: Meteorite or Meteor-wrong?Calling all comic creators ages 6 - 12! Mystery solving duo Q and Ray are back in action and we’re celebrating with a comics drawing workshop with co-creators and teachers Trisha Speed Shaskan and Stephen Shaskan.  Join the authors of Q & Ray: Meteorite or Meteor-wrong? for a crash course...

Wed, 7 March | 6:00PM

Epic Reads Tour with Alexandra Monir, Brittany Cavallaro, Geoff Herbach & Rebecca RossThe Epic Reads Winter Meet-Up tour is coming to St. Paul with authors Brittany Cavallaro (The Case for Jamie), Geoff Herbach (Hooper), Alexandra Monir (The Final Six), and Rebecca Ross (The Queen’s Rising). Don’t miss your chance to mingle with these 4 great authors in a small group setting...

Take a look at a few new books we love
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Picture Books

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Love Cover Image
By Matt De La Pena, Loren Long (Illustrator)

A thoughtful and beautiful book about all the places and moments where love shows up in day to day lives. These moving words and illustrations show us that love is not always simple, but it is always around us - including in the moments we don't notice and even in the most challenging of situations. A timeless book for Valentines Day, or a new baby or really for anyone you love. — Holly (RBB Staff)

I love this book! It has great pictures, and a funny story, and woodland animals, and a lesson! It's colorful and exciting and no one's friends abandon them to be eaten by bears even if they talk too much - like really really too much - and never listen. You should probably read it and then read it again and then read it out loud to someone and then read it out loud to someone else. It's great! — Angela (RBB Staff)

Young Adult

Elena Mendoza is the product of a non-miraculous, scientifically-explained virgin birth. Or so she thinks, until the girl she's had a crush on gets shot and Elena is able to heal her with just a touch of her hand. Plus, the Starbucks logo has recently started talking to her. According to it, the world is ending, and only Elena can do something about it. So begins a story about humanity and choice and the apocalypse--not just Elena's, but all of ours. Smart and thoughtful and diverse, this is a book for 2018, and for all of us who are struggling to survive in a world that feels increasingly broken.  — Lily (RBB Staff)


Based on a real murder, this novel takes place in 1920's England, where a young woman escapes poverty in London to become governess to the Mitford girls. She becomes entangled in the death of Florence Nightingale Shore, a nurse found dead on a train in broad daylight. Although this is a real story it has the makings of a classic English murder mystery. — Julie (RBB Staff)

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