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Tue, 26 March | 6:30PM



Celebrate just about everything you love about YA when Caleb Roehrig joins Minnesota authors Shannon Gibney and Jacqueline West at Red Balloon Bookshop with his new book Death Prefers Blondes. Join these three phenomenal authors for a panel discussion about their books, writing, drag names, and more....

Fri, 29 March | 6:30PM

Alicia D. Williams, GENESIS BEGINS AGAINRed Balloon Bookshop is thrilled to welcome debut author Alicia D. Williams to St. Paul with her new book, Genesis Begins Again. This deeply sensitive and powerful debut novel tells the story of a thirteen-year-old who must overcome internalized racism and a verbally abusive family to finally learn to love herself. Join Alicia for a reading and talk about this...

Sat, 30 March | 2:00PM

Jane St. Anthony, WHATEVER NORMAL IS Minneapolis author Jane St. Anthony returns to Red Balloon Bookshop with her latest novel set in 1960s Minneapolis, Whatever Normal Is. After three years in high school, Margaret, Grace, and Isabel are growing up but that doesn't mean they have it all figured out. Join...

Tue, 2 April | 6:30PM

Super Silly SURPRISE Storytime! Save the date for a Super Silly SURPRISE Storytime with Angela. It's the first Tuesday of the month which means it's TuTu Tuesday--wear your tutu for 22% off one item. Stories, songs, & snacks! Hope to see you there!

All are welcome at this...

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Picture Books

A picture book overview of the life of Gloria Steinem whose independent thinking launched a revolution. She learned from childhood to listen (and become a good and careful listener), to dream (which she thought of as a form of planning), and to speak (which, in the beginning, was difficult for her). She also questioned, learned, believed, marched, and wrote about her ideas. Her greatest idea as a feminist was that all people should have equal opportunities. An inspiring and accessible book complete with detailed author's note, a timeline, and a short bibliography. Lovely illustrations by Daria Peoples-Riley. — Susan (RBB Staff)

Middle Grade

Charlie remembers his younger brother but no one else does. His best friend, Ana, believes him even though she doesn't remember. Together, they pursue the tiny clues that suggest Charlie is right. Wonderfully complex--each piece of the mystery answered leads to more questions. Bits of historical fiction, mixed with a little magic--but mostly grounded in the characters who could be anyone you know--make this a book almost impossible to put down. — Joan (RBB Staff)

Young Adult

A dark, enchanting story full of magic, sacrifice, murder, mystery, love, and power, Bloodleaf has it all. Princess Aurelia, despised as a witch by her people, must disguise herself as a commoner in the neighboring country of Achlev to protect herself and her brother after a shocking assassination attempt. An excellent re-imagining of The Goose Girl that feels both wonderfully original and familiar at the same time. I loved it!  — Angela (RBB Staff)


Set in the last moments of Muslim rule in Spain, at the height of the Spanish Inquisition, this is a story about love and friendship and survival. It centers on Fatima, a concubine of the royal household who has never set foot outside the palace's grounds. She dreams of the wider world, helped by Hassan, the somewhat-magical court mapmaker and her dearest friend, who draws her glimpses of places neither of them have ever been. But when the Spanish send an envoy to negotiate terms of surrender—and the end of an era—Fatima's whole life is upended and she and Hassan must flee. With the help of a jinn, the two outsiders search for a safe place in a world that hates what both of them are. An absorbing read, both thoughtful and thrilling. — Lily (RBB Staff)

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