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Picture Books

I just adore Oona's stories, and this new one is just as delightful! Oona in the Arctic is beautifully illustrated and full of adventure. Oona and Otto help a baby beluga whale find her way back home with the assistance of many arctic animals. A fun read-aloud, this book is perfect for families looking for excellent visuals and narrative storytelling! —Jaya

Middle Grade

This book is hilarious! It also deals with the trauma and PTSD in the years following a horrific public tragedy. Yes, both of those things are true. I laughed out loud, then cried and then laughed some more. The story isn’t so much about the actual tragic event, but about Simon as he learns to move forward in a new town and a new school with the love and support of his family, friends, and community. Simon’s PTSD and anxiety are handled sensitively and honestly. Full of wonderful quirky characters in a unique and fascinating small town, Simon Sort of Says will make readers of all ages feel and think. And laugh! This story will stay in your heart for a very long time.—Holly

Young Adult

Perla has to live up to crushing expectations at home and school in a crazy story that keeps you on the edge of your seat as she attempts to fake her way through a semester at a school she doesn't actually attend. Through the stress of it all, she is able to figure out that her parents' plan doesn't match her dreams, and she works up the courage to stand up for herself and follow her own dreams. The twists and turns of this book keep you flipping pages to see if Perla will get caught and if she'll finally tell her parents the truth. If you've ever worried about living up to others' expectations or felt the stress of trying to be perfect, you'll relate to Perla and her story. —Kelly


An exciting and absorbing account of the race to find a vaccine against the dreaded polio virus that was particularly virulent in the United States during WWII and into the 1950s. This historic novel centers on doctor and epidemiologist Dorothy Horstmann whose discoveries led to both the Jonas Salk and the Albert Sabin vaccines. Horstmann came from a very humble background and dreamed of being a doctor, but when she became one, had to fight for her place to be heard and recognized in a world dominated by men. Through her focused dedication to eradicating this deadly disease she was able to gain the respect of her colleagues. We also see what is involved with creating a vaccine, from the beginning lack of knowledge to theories, to experiments, to competition all on to eventual success. Great read in the wake of the COVID pandemic. —Susan