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Picture Books

There is no time to lose when the World Famous Rotten Egg goes missing on opening day at the Museum of Very Bad Smells. Along with a security guard rodent turned detective, readers race around the museum, sniffing for clues (yes, there are actual scratch and sniff insets!) and seeking the culprit. Young ones will dissolve into giggles as they encounter each stinky smell and exhibit. Speech bubbles, bright colors, cartoon-like illustrations, and a fast pace all add to the appeal of this foul whodunit. Monica Arnaldo is a master at giving young kids what they want; in this case, it is smelly fish, dung, wet dog, stinky cheese, and vomit. Parents, you've been warned. This will be the book requested over and over again this summer! -Megan

Middle Grade

Ten-year-old Kel is going to be a knight. Nothing will stand in her way—not an unfair probationary period intended to dissuade her from her goal, not violent, sexist bullies, and certainly not the tide of gruesome monsters bearing down on her home country. This first volume of a graphic novel adaption is an inspiring and gripping whirlwind of a year in young Kel's life, whose determination throughout her training just might spur you to take up your own metaphorical sword. And while you're waiting impatiently for the next book, be sure to check out author Tamora Pierce's other titles in the same vast, empowering, literary universe: the realm of Tortall! -Sophia

Young Adult

After Ellie’s deaf school closes, she has to finish senior year in her hometown and manage all of the ableist changes that come with it. Meanwhile, her new classmate, Jackson, is experiencing changes of his own: lately, his body isn’t cooperating with him like it used to. Ellie and Jackson’s burgeoning romance is an incredibly sweet and supportive one, but what really stands out is how elegantly Sortino highlights the ways that parents can sometimes be the biggest obstacles to their disabled childs’ needs. I just devoured it! -Claire


From 1950s Iran to 1980s America, this story follows the lifelong friendship between Ellie and Homa that is filled with joy and heartbreak. Marjan Kamali captures the layers and complexities of these characters in a way that keeps you glued to the book and wanting to know more. You'll feel everything for these characters and their story! -Sabrina