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Picture Books

A delightful picture book about wanting to be seen in stories, and finding the courage to tell your own story. Great to read aloud with the whole family! Red, a red panda, and Gee, a giant panda, read a book about pandas, but quickly Red realizes that the book does not mention red pandas at all, and that makes Red very upset. So, Red decides to write a book about red pandas, but writing books can be hard, and Red throws the pages away. Thankfully, a family of red pandas sees the pages and they give Red the encouragement to finish the book. With Gee's illustrations, Red puts the completed book in a Little Free Library for everyone to read. -Jaya

Middle Grade

The most recent book in this series is just as powerful and riveting as the first two. If you are a fan of historical fiction, and unfamiliar with this trilogy, it's time to give it a read! Mary is a Deaf girl in a congenitally Deaf community on Martha's Vineyard in the early 1800s. I loved reading about her adventures and about her commitment to stand up and fight for respect and dignity, not just for herself and the Deaf community, but for all people from all backgrounds. While you can read book three as a stand alone, you will understand more context by reading all three important and page-turning books. -Holly

Young Adult

Internet, power, and water are all delivered to us in ways we rarely think about. Hidden Systems' comics format makes it easy to see how the parts of each system are connected, how they work, and gives visual content to words we use but may not really understand. Nott includes history, considers how each of these systems has been constructed in ways that privilege and oppress, and proposes ways we could rebuild aging systems to make them less harmful to the environment. So much information, delivered delightfully well. -Joan


Curl up under the Christmas tree to read about Hannah, Finn, and friends! A fun, cozy read about found family, traditions, and friends. You'll enjoy the ups and downs of the group's holiday shenanigans as they explore early adulthood, careers, romance, and what that means for the future of their tight knit group. -Kelly