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Picture Books

Get ready for a night of wild music and dancing with the cool cats in this fabulous read-aloud picture book! The rhyme is great, the illustrations are so retro—and it reveals why cats tend to sleep so much during the day! This is sure to be a storytime favorite, whether you're partying down or getting ready to hit the hay. Love it!! - Barb

Middle Grade

Nev Tallow is the newest student at the secretive Deephaven Academy. They're hoping to get away from the troubles of their home life but everything is not what it seems at this school and students and faculty alike seem to be in on the mystery. What stalks the halls of the cordoned-off east wing of the school? What do the prefects know about the student who passed away years ago? Can Nev figure out the secrets of the academy before the secrets find them? Filled with incredible illustrations and chilling twists, Deephaven is a great fall read going back to school and getting into the spooky season. -Gigi

Young Adult

An incredible debut! Loved this story about sisters and magic, and finding yourself! The alternating timelines kept the story moving, and the magic was quite interesting. Can't wait to see what Vanessa Montalban writes next! -Jaya


A delightful romance with some serious Ted Lasso vibes (and I couldn't be happier!) Great characters, amazing setting, and kids playing soccer—what more could you want? And, probably the most epic slow burn I have ever read! So good! -Jaya