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Picture Books

All hail Langston Hughes, Harlem Renaissance poet and inspiration for so many writers who followed after him! Jason Reynolds (wordsmith) and the Pumphrey brothers (visual wizards) celebrate the man and the 1991 party at the NYC Public Library in this wondrous picture book. The words, perfect for reading aloud, almost dance off the page, and the retro illustrations are chock full of letters--each page is a treat! This book begs to be enjoyed and read again and again--so come join the party! -Barb

Middle Grade

Nine year old Ella has lived in the same apartment in the same house for a very long time. She prides herself on her extensive knowledge of the building, and she gets along with all of her neighbors. Well, most of them. So when a new couple moves in, Ella takes it upon herself to offer assistance and help them get settled in. But what on earth is she supposed to do when the neighbors don't really want her help? Find out in this charming early chapter book! -Kelsie

Young Adult

It was just a normal school day for Shur and her friends until she spotted the two foot long butterfly outside her classroom window. Not long after that the world fell into chaos as swarms of these abnormally large insects-with razor sharp teeth and a taste for violence-descended upon society. All Shur can do is hunker down with her friends and family and hope it'll all be over soon, but there's more to the fight for survival than just the butterflies. A horrifying thriller that felt like peak YA dystopia from the 2010s, I did not want to stop reading! -Gigi


A captivating read with many twists and turns. This story of two women with very different life experiences is told in alternating perspectives.  My heart was racing and breaking as I followed Jasmine and Rebecca’s incredible challenges and the difficult choices they make when their worlds collide.  A page turner that explores themes of motherhood, immigration, adoption, ambition, and so much more.  Fans of Little Fires Everywhere will love this. -Holly