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Author Event FAQs

Author events create unforgettable memories! We hope you can join us and experience the thrill of meeting a rock-star author with other readers like you! Are you new to the book-signing experience and wondering what to expect? We hope you find these FAQs helpful. Please be aware that these are general guidelines only and that guidelines for each individual event may be different.


What if I purchased [the author's new book] from another retailer?

You must purchase a ticket, which includes a copy of the author's new book, from Red Balloon Bookshop in order to enter the signing line. Copies of the new book purchased from other retailers are not permitted.

Will you have other books in the series available to purchase?

Yes! Red Balloon tries to have a large selection of the author's books onhand for the event, however, we recommend that you notify us early if you desire a specific book. We are happy to put it on hold for you or order a hard-to-find title from the publisher.

Do I have to attend the event to get a signed book?

No. If you'd like a personalized book but are unable to make the event, please call us at 651-224-8320 to pre-pay and we'll have one or more copies signed and reserved for you or shipped anywhere in the United States.

Your store closes at [time] on the day of the event. Will you stay open past that time for the event?

Yes, Red Balloon Bookshop will be open until all guests have gone through the signing line.

What should I bring with me?

If you choose to pick up your book and ticket before the signing, please bring your book and ticket to the event. Be prepared to wait in line during the signing, and don't forget your camera!

What if I lose my signing ticket?

If you have proof of purchase, Red Balloon will issue you a new ticket; however, you may be asked to wait and join the signing line at the very end.

I have a disability or medical condition that prevents me from standing for long periods of time. What should I do?

Please notify a Red Balloon staff member either at the event or ahead of time by calling 651-224-8320 or emailing events@redballoonbookshop.com. We are happy to give you preferential seating, early placement in the signing line, or anything else that will accommodate your needs.

I’ve never been to a book signing before. What can I expect?

Meeting a favorite author is a dream come true for many readers! Be prepared to have the time of your life! It is recommended that you arrive 30-60 minutes early to guarantee a good seat. For very popular events, you might spend the majority of your time waiting in line, which can actually be a whole lot of fun. Please remember to be courteous to other guests and Red Balloon staff and to follow all event guidelines. When it is time to meet the author, you may get a little star-struck (we do, too!), so it’s a good idea to practice what you want to say ahead of time. In many cases, there will be many people in line and won’t be time for posed photos; however there will be opportunities for “action shots” of you in the signing line meeting/about to meet the author.


If you have any questions before the event, don’t hesitate to contact Red Balloon Bookshop at 651-224-8320.