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Birthday Parties at Red Balloon


Current public health recommendations discourage events where people are unable to practice social distancing, though at the moment they are not advising against regular shopping. We are therefore suspending our birthday party program for the time being.

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Have your next birthday party at Red Balloon—we’ll do all the planning!


Party Details:Birthday party

Parties are two hours of fun: a customized schedule of stories, games, and crafts. They take place in our basement party room and are run by two Red Balloon party hosts.

Parties are geared towards children aged 3–12 and can be planned around one of eight possible themes: Animal Adventure; Royal Banquet; Superheroes; Elephant and Piggie; Silly Science; Wizarding School; Arts and Crafts; and the Red Balloon theme. Details about each theme can be found below.

Each party includes: 

  • A private storytime and scavenger hunt 
  • Games, crafts, and/or activities around the party theme
  • A red balloon and $5.00 gift card party favor for each guest
  • Printed invitations and thank you cards
  • Book and gift registry for the birthday kid
  • Party ware and decorations

We do not supply food or drink. Outside food and drink is welcome.

To book your party now, please email! 



Red Balloon Theme
Perfect for all ages. Don’t need a theme for your birthday party? This one is just right for you! We’ll play an assortment of games that we think are lots of fun, make something crafty, read some books, and do a scavenger hunt. Activities and books will be chosen in an assortment of categories and themes, so we might read a book about wizards and play some superhero training games before making animal masks! 

Animal Adventure
Perfect for ages 3-6. Head into the wilds! Enjoy stories with fun animal characters, see who can roar like a lion and jump like a frog, make an animal mask, and search for the wildest animals on a scavenger hunt! We might also see which animals we can remember best in a game of memory, try our hands at Pin the Tail on the Pig, or do a wild walk relay race!

Red Balloon private storytimeRoyal Banquet
Perfect for ages 3-6. Happy birthday, your majesty! Join us for some royal stories, heroic games, and regal crafts. We might make crowns, pin the dragon on the castle, play Her Majesty Says, track down a dragon in a scavenger hunt, and play royal memory! 

Perfect for ages 3-9. All things superhero-related! Possible activities include making masks and comics, completing a superhero-themed scavenger hunt, reading super books, and playing things like pin the superhero on the skyline, superhero memory, and super skill training games.  

Elephant and Piggie
Perfect for ages 6-9. Party with Gerald and Piggie! We’ll make masks, go on a scavenger hunt, and definitely read a bunch of Elephant and Piggie stories. There might even be a surprise visit from the Pigeon! 

Silly Science
Perfect for ages 6-12. Let’s do some experiments! We’ll do a science themed scavenger hunt, read some silly science-y stories, and do some science! We might make a volcano, test the pH of household chemicals, make paper helicopters and rockets, transform straws into musical instruments, and make slime or oobleck.

Wizarding School
Perfect for ages 6-12. It’s time for wizarding classes! We’ll make wands and house ties and then attend classes like Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Potions, History of Magic, and Care of Magical Creatures.

Arts and Crafts
Perfect for ages 6-12. It’s art time! Let’s all paint together—our birthday party host will walk kids through making a simple painting. We’ll also read some art-themed stories and go on a scavenger hunt for famous works of art.


Pricing and Reservations:Red Balloon birthday parties

Each planned birthday party costs $225 and can include up to 10 guests (including the birthday kid). Up to five additional children can be included for an added cost of $15 each. 

The party room does have limited space. Guests’ parents are welcome to stay as space allows; otherwise they may be asked to wait upstairs.

Parties must be booked at least two weeks in advance. They are generally scheduled for 10-12 or 2-4 on Saturdays and 12-2 on Sundays. Other time slots may be available upon request. 

Once we have found a time slot that works for you, a non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to reserve that date. This deposit will be applied toward the cost of your party. 

The final head count is required seventy-two hours before the scheduled time of the party. At this time, you will be charged for the remaining balance. Cancellations will not be refunded.

The party room is peanut and tree-nut free. If you or your guests require accessibility accommodations we will gladly do our best to adapt. Contact us to discuss details. 


To book your party, or for more information, please call 651-224-8320 or email

Interested in hosting a book club or baby shower at Red Balloon? Our party room is also available to rent!