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The Sensible Approach to Moving: Learn How to Make a Home Move Easy and Painless! (Paperback)

The Sensible Approach to Moving: Learn How to Make a Home Move Easy and Painless! By Edward Jones Cover Image
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Do you get a blinding headache at the thought of moving? Learn How to Make a Home Move Easy and Painless With lots of helpful hints and tips Have you just been told that you've got a terrific promotion? That's great news, right? There's only one little glitch. The new job is 2,500 miles away and you need to relocate - again. If you are a person who has lived in your home for decades with no thought to moving your household in the future, then we can't help you and you can just a click away. However, if you are one of the upwardly mobile new executives or just plain happy to have been given a job, the idea of moving usually brings forth as much enthusiasm as a trip to the dentist In your mind's eye you can see yourself packing up the good china, crossing your fingers you don't break your grandmother's antique punch bowl and convincing your son that it really isn't a good idea to take the frog he just caught. Making a move to a new home carries a specific set of challenges. You have to consider how much readily available case you have to make the move. Do you do all of your own packing or hire a service? It doesn't take much to get your head spinning. It becomes so overwhelming that it all becomes a jumble in your mind. Before you know it, your mind is so scrambled you've got that headache rearing it's nasty head. The closer you get to the move date, the more stressed you become until you reach a point where your nerves are so frazzled you begin to snap at your loved ones and turn into a real attitude monster Well, reign in your horns and send the "nasty" gremlin running. There's a light at the end of the tunnel and it isn't a train You CAN regain your sanity and get your family moved. 3 Reasons Why You Should Learn the Easy Way to Move Your Home 1.People who have a plan are usually less stressed than people who do not. They know what to do and when to do it. 2.Moving can be a great family project. Your move will create memories that your family will talk about for years to come. 3.And who knows? Those memories will be pleasant ones instead of horror stories. If you have never had to move and this is the first time, there are some things you need to learn. They aren't difficult but can make the difference between an ordeal and a smooth process. We have just the thing for you. It's a terrific guide called "The Sensible Approach to Moving." And The Great Thing Is . . . -It's very easy to read and there's no technical jargon. -It doesn't require much time to get to know your subject, you can start preparing as soon as you've read the guide. -Cost is minimal - Once you've discovered how planning will help you save, you'll find it's not as expensive as you might think. Take a peek inside and you will find out everything you need to know about your next move: All About Storage Hiring a Moving Company Should You Move Yourself International Moving Packing 101 And more We want "The Sensible Approach to Moving" to be an absolute 100% no-brainer for you. That's why you can order your copy with complete peace of mind. Tag: home move in, home move in essentials, home movers, house moving book, house moving planner.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781543102376
ISBN-10: 1543102379
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: February 14th, 2017
Pages: 130
Language: English