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A Compendium of Amstrad CPC Games - Volume One (Hardcover)

A Compendium of Amstrad CPC Games - Volume One By Kieren Hawken Cover Image
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Over the years there have been very few British entrepreneurs who have made such an impact as Sir Alan Sugar, who managed to take on the Japanese electronics giants and win - no mean feat The Amstrad CPC was undoubtedly one of his finest achievements. Released in 1984 to an already crowded market, the CPC range managed to stand out from the competition by offering an all-in-one computer package complete with a built in tape deck or disk drive, joystick, full-size keyboard and either a green-screen or colour monitor - no more fighting over the family TV It went on to sell over 4 million units across Western Europe and appeared in a wide variety of different guises from the original tape based CPC464 to the ill-fated GX4000 games console.

In this book we take you through the long life of the Amstrad CPC computer range looking at a varied cross section of the 6000+ games available with a review and screenshot of each one. This is not a list of the best games, a list of the worst games or indeed a complete guide to what's available. It's simply a meandering journey through the system's vast catalogue to give a perfect cross-section of what the Amstrad CPC has to offer. There are ten games featured for each letter of the alphabet and these range from the earliest titles released in the mid-eighties to public domain games, type-in listings and even modern homebrews.

A Compendium of Amstrad CPC Games is a celebration of the ever-popular home computer packed with nostalgic memories, expert opinions, interesting stories, trivia, developer interviews and so much more besides.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781789828863
ISBN-10: 1789828864
Publisher: Andrews UK Ltd.
Publication Date: December 1st, 2021
Pages: 178
Language: English