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Bookshop in a Box: Kid Readers


Calling all readers both beginning and advanced! This subscription is perfect for kids in elementary and middle school. It has two versions: hardcover and paperback. The hardcover subscription gives the lucky reader a recently released hardcover book every month, plus book-related goodies, and a Red Balloon coloring sheet. Or, if you want the simpler version, choose the paperback subscription, which includes a paperback book every month and a Red Balloon coloring sheet.

Pay for six or twelve months in advance and get a discounted monthly price! All subscriptions renew automatically unless requested otherwise in the order notes. Cancellations require 30 days notice. You must choose to save your credit card information at check out or shipments may be delayed.

Choose a payment plan and type of subscription below.


Kid Readers Hardcover 1 moKid Readers Hardcover 6 moKid Readers Hardcover 21 mo

Kid Readers Paperback 1 moKid Readers Paperback 6 moKid Readers Paperback 12 mo