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Bookshop in a Box Subscription

Bookshop in a Box

Share the love of reading with the people in your life with the Red Balloon Bookshop in a Box Subscription! 

Every month we hand-select and send books (sometimes signed ones!) to the lucky readers on your list.

We tailor book selections based on the reader’s age, reading level (for the childrens' subscriptions), and interests. A welcome note and preference card will be sent with the first book. Our younger recipients also receive a one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn coloring sheet by a local artist and former Red Balloon Bookshop bookseller.

Select an age category below, or check out our Frequently Asked Questions:

Baby Picture Books

Kid Readers Young Adult Grown-up

The subscription cost includes individualized book selection, the book(s), and anything else your subscription type includes. Shipping and handling is charged separately at checkout.

The minimum subscription is 3 months, but can be billed monthly. If you would prefer to send a single package (not a subscription), check out our Mystery Book Packs. All subscriptions automatically renew.

If you are ordering more than one subscription, please create a separate order for each recipient unless all subscriptions are going to the same address. 

Also, Bookshop in a Box subscriptions cannot be combined with other items (eg. books, puzzles, etc). If you would like to purchase additional items, please create a separate order. If your order contains subscriptions going to different addresses OR non-Bookshop in a Box items, it will need to be separated into additional orders.



Frequently Asked Questions


What is Bookshop in a Box?

Every month we hand-select and send books (sometimes signed ones!) to the lucky readers on your list. We tailor each book selection based on the recipients’s age, reading level, and interests.

How do I know what type of subscription to choose?

Each subscription category is geared towards a specific age range or reader level, but here is a quick summary:

  • Baby (Recommended age 0-24 months). Books are in board book form, perfect for little hands!

  • Picture (Recommended ages 2-6 years). Great variety and stories for kids of all ages.

  • Kid Reader (Recommended ages 6-13 years). Perfect for kids in elementary and middle school.

  • Young Adult (Recommended ages 13 and up). Teens and adults will love our selection of new books.

  • Grown-up (Recommended ages 16 and up). For grown-ups! New nonfiction or fiction books, sent monthly.


Within each category, you can also choose between a variety of options that will let you control what (if anything) comes with the books each month.

How long does a subscription last?

The minimum subscription is three months long (which can be paid either month-to-month or all three months at once). Y0u can also prepay for six or twelve months of your subscription and get a discounted price. 

The maximum subscription is infinite! All subscriptions automatically renew.

If you would prefer to send a single package (not a subscription), check out our Mystery Book Packs

How personalized are the subscriptions?

Each Bookshop in a Box book and gift item are hand-picked by one of our great staff members based on the reader’s interests, age, and reading level. Sometimes we pick books that the reader might not have picked for themselves but we think they would enjoy. We keep detailed records for each reader to avoid sending duplicates.

Hand-written enclosures are included as noted by the sender. We also include postcards so you can let us know how we're doing! 

Received postcard with text: "Thank you so much! Red balloon, you always pick the best books!"

When can my child expect to receive their book each month?

Books leave our store within the first week of the month and arrive at your recipient’s doorstep by the 15th of the month. If you do not receive your book by the 15th, please contact us ASAP at

I pay month-to-month. When will you charge my card?

Your credit card will be billed within the last two weeks of the preceeding month (for example: you might be charged April 17th for your May subscription box). Senders will receive a receipt each month. 

Can I use my educator discount?

Unfortunately, discounts cannot be applied.

Can I use a gift card, Chinook Book coupon, and/or Balloon Bonus to pay for the subscription?

Yes, you can!

If I order multiple subscriptions, can I get a discount?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer discounts even if you purchase multiple subscriptions. The best way to save money is to pre-pay for 6 months or 12 months of your subscription.

My child received a book they already have (or don't like), what do I do?

We do our best to ensure that we do not repeat the books we send. However, mistakes can happen. If you receive a book that you've already gotten in a Bookshop in a Box, please email a photo to, and we will add a $5 credit to your BiB account for the next box.

If the book is a duplicate of a book in your personal library (but not one sent through Bookshop in a Box), please share the love of reading and gift the book to someone else or donate it.

If the book is one that is not a duplicate, but just not in the recipient's taste, please provide feedback using one of the postcards that we send out a few times a year, or send an email to Be sure to include the recipient’s name. An exchange or return for a disliked book will not be offered.

How do I make suggestions or changes to my subscription?

The best way to provide feedback is send back our preferences postcards that we send out a few times a year. Or, send us an email at Be sure to include the recipient’s name. We welcome feedback because it helps us continue to send the best books for your kids!

My address has changed/is about to change! What should I do?

Email your new address to with as much lead time as possible. If we don't get an updated address in time and the box is returned to us, we'll contact you for the new address and payment for second shipment.

I would like the box to arrive by a certain date. Can you do that?

Because we curate and hand-pick books each month, we typically ship out boxes during the first and second week of each month. We will try to accommodate customer requests but cannot guarantee delivery on or by specific dates. 

For the holidays: What is the latest day I can order a subscription if I want the recipient to receive their books by Christmas?

In order for the first subscription box to arrive by Christmas 2023, orders must be placed by 11:59pm on Wednesday, December 13 2023. Orders placed on December 14th or afterwards will receive their first box in January—these orders can receive a complimentary Bookshop in a Box card to give sooner, if desired.

During the holiday season, we cannot guarantee an exact arrival date due to the state of USPS shipping during November/December.

I have other questions or comments!!

Please contact our Bookshop in a Box Coordinator, Ursula, at She'll get back to you asap.