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We are so grateful for all of our customers who have been placing online orders for books and puzzles and games to keep themselves and their kids entertained at home. These purchases keep us running and make our staff feel so supported by our community. They mean a lot. 

But even with our influx of online orders, our store is facing big losses in author events, school book fairs, and walk-in sales, all of which are crucial parts of our business. We are expecting not to be able to do any of those things for many more weeks, at the very least, as we do our best to support public health efforts to flatten the curve.

If you are able to donate, we will use this money to help us weather these lean times in the interest of remaining a part of this community once all of this is over. Support local now, enjoy local later.

Thank you—from all of us at Red Balloon Bookshop.

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