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Answers to all your questions about Red Balloon!


Do you have stoytimes?

We do! We have weekly storytimes nearly every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 am. We also often have special author and character storytimes; check our upcoming events list to see if there will be one soon!  


Do you only sell books for kids?

No, we have books for grown-ups, too! While children’s books—from babies to teens and young adults—are our focus, we always have a carefully selected collection of adult fiction and nonfiction. And if we don’t have it we’re happy to order it!


Do you have audiobooks?

We do! We’ve partnered with to make digital audiobooks available through our website. We can also order CD versions on request.


Do you have ebooks?

We do! We’ve partnered with Kobo to make ebooks available through our website. Kobo ebooks are compatible with most devices.


How can I learn more about what’s happening at Red Balloon?

We’re on social media--you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also sign up here for our newsletters, which have updates on upcoming events, staff recommendations, and Red Balloon news!


What if I'm trying to find a book that you don't carry?

We can almost always order books upon request! We're always happy to look up a title to see if it's one we can get for you. Ordering doesn't cost any extra, and in most cases we won't ask you to pay for the book until you're sure it's the one you were looking for.


Why should I shop local?

When you shop local, you keep more of your money local, making for a stronger community. Local business provide jobs, support local supply chains, and help create more vibrant neighborhoods. For each dollar spent at a locally owned business, 68¢ stay in the community, compared to 43¢ for non-local businesses (numbers from MetroIBA). 


Is the store accessible?

The back door is accessible from our parking lot, which has a disability parking spot. The front entrance is raised above street level and must be reached by a short flight of stairs or by a steep ramp. Inside the store, the picture book and bargain book sections both have limited accessibility due to steps. We are always glad to pull specific titles or general recommendations on request.

Events are hosted on the main floor unless stated otherwise in the description. If you need us to adapt an event to make it more accessible, please let us know. Authors generally sign from the stage, but will step down to sign books and meet fans whenever necesssary.


Do you have signed copies? Do they cost extra?

We usually have a wide range of signed copies, both from authors who have visited recently and from many of our local authors. The local authors on this list are also generally willing to stop in to sign books for us upon request. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out what authors have recently signed books at Red Balloon. And signed copies don’t cost any extra!


Do you have books by local authors?

We love our local authors and try to make sure they’re represented on our shelves! Contact us if you're looking for a particular author or title.


What is your return policy?

Refunds can be given for 30 days after the purchase with receipt. Store credit is given for up to 60 days after purchase. Gift receipts allow for exchange or store credit with no expiration as long as the item is in new condition.


Can you donate to my organization?

Red Balloon donates to many organizations every year. For details on requests, please visit our donations page.


Can you get my favorite author to come to the store?

We’ll try! We request events with authors all the time - especially those whose books we love. You can check our event listings and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on who’s coming soon.


Can you carry my book/game?

If your book/game is self-published, check our consignments page for details on that program. If it’s traditionally published, please let us know the title and we can look into ordering it through our sales reps.


Can you host an event for my book?

We host dozens of book events for children and teens every year. Due to the large number of requests and the small size of our staff we’re currently able to host events only with the support of traditional publishers. If you would like your book to be considered for an event, please have your publisher contact Red Balloon 3-6 months in advance of your book’s publication date, or the desired date of your event.