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June 2016


News and reviews from Red Balloon Bookshop! June 2016
Red Balloon's Summer Reading Program Begins Saturday, June 4!
Reading is Super! Join Red Balloon Bookshop's Summer Reading Program, sponsored by Davanni's. Kids ages 5 - 18 are invited to sign up beginning Saturday, June 4. 
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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Parts One and Two

Midnight Release Party!

Dust off your dress robes--it’s a Harry Potter Party! Witches, wizards, Muggles, and monsters who preorder Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two from RBB are admitted to our late-night Harry Potter party on Saturday, July 30

Try your hand at the Not-Exactly-Deathly Horcrux Hunt, wizarding crafts, costume contest, and more while we count down to the midnight release of this new story.  More »

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Summer Reading
6/4 - Superhero Storytime & Summer Reading Kick-off  Readers, assemble! Let's read super books and kick off our Summer Reading Program.  More »
Marsha Chall
6/11 - Marsha Wilson Chall, The Secret of Figgy Mustardo Minnesota author of One Pup's Up and Sugarbush Spring launches her new book!  More »
Coloring Day
6/18 - Coloring Day!  Let's get coloring! Swing by and add your colors to an oversized poster featuring art from one of Sarah Yoon's amazing, gigantic coloring books.  More »
Spanish Storytime
6/19 - Sunday Spanish Storytime  Join us for a special Sunday storytime...en Español! Brought to you by Language Sprout Learning Centers.  More »
Amy Young
7/7 - Amy Young, A Unicorn Named Sparkle  You're invited to a Sparkle Unicorn Storytime! Enjoy this delightful picture book with author Amy Young.  More »
J.M. Lee
7/8 - J.M. Lee, Shadows of the Dark Crystal  The classic Jim Henson film is getting a YA graphic novel prequel series! Celebrate with author J.M. Lee.  More »
Shannon Hale
7/16 - Shannon Hale, The Princess in Black Super Princess Party  Attention Princesses, monsters, Goat Boys, unicorns! Join the Super Princess Party with the bestselling Shannon Hale!  More »
Okee Dokee Brothers
7/17 - The Okee Dokee Brothers, Can You Canoe? And Other Adventure Songs  You've heard the songs, now you can read the book! Join the GRAMMY® Award-winning duo for a jam session and book signing.  More »
HP Midnight Release7/30 - Midnight Release Party for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two  Dust out your dress robes--it’s a Harry Potter Midnight Release Party! Preorder Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts One and Two from RBB to attend.  More »

Mon, 6 June | 6:30PM - The (Not-So) Young Adult Book Club  More »
Mon, 13 June | 6:30PM - Girls Read Book Club  More »
Thu, 16 June | 6:30PM - Guys Read Book Club  More »
Mon, 20 June | 6:30PM - Teens Read Book Club  More »
Kids Read Book Club will be back in July!
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Flora and the Peacocks Flora and the Peacocks by Molly Idle
Published: Chronicle Books, May 3rd, 2016; Recommended Age: 3-5
Flora met the flamingos, and that was sweet, and then she met the penguins and that was adorable. Now she's met peacocks, and it’s fabulous! The birds furl and unfurl...and then the egos clash. Witty and amusing, this is a perfect melding of content and form, in a pleasing palette of cool colors, and is my favorite of the "Flora and..." books.   -- Joan (RBB Staff)
Harold's Hungry Eyes Harold's Hungry Eyes by Kevin Waldron
Published: Phaidon Press, May 16th, 2016; Recommended Age: 3-6
When Harold's favorite chair goes missing, he must venture out from the comfort of his home and into the city to retrieve it. Upon getting lost, Harold tries to find his way home and encounters lots of tasty treats along the way. Butter buses, sundae streetlights, pretzel wheels, Harold sees it all. However, he must fight his hunger in order to get home for breakfast. Full of brightly colored illustrations and fun food interpretations of everyday objects, this was a very fun book to look at. But can Harold--the ultimate foodie--find his way home? -- Kelsie (RBB Staff)
The Seven Princesses The Seven Princesses by Smiljana Coh
Published: Running Press Kids, May 24th, 2016; Recommended Age: 4-8
Somewhere, there is a kingdom with seven princesses/sisters who live together in a castle. Each princess is spectacular in her own way, and each one has their own hobbies and interests. But what happens when they have a fight? The biggest fight the kingdom has ever seen? The seven royal sisters must find a way to live together in harmony again, even if it takes drastic measures to make it work. I really enjoyed the fact that the sisters were diverse and independent. The illustrations are very magical as well. -- Kelsie (RBB Staff)
The Airport Book The Airport Book by Lisa Brown
Published: Roaring Brook Press, May 10th, 2016 Recommended Age: 5-7
Oh, the things you see when you take a trip by airplane! Carts carrying people, carts carrying luggage, sidewalks that move--they're all here, along with the people. The woman who can't put her phone down, the man with a mysterious package, the fussing baby. All kinds of people, just like you might see at a major air hub. All the detail makes this book as interesting to look at as people-watching in the airport, without the stress, without the noise, and without the worry! -- Joan (RBB Staff)
We Came To America We Came To America by Faith Ringgold
Published: Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers, May 10th, 2016; Recommended Age: 5-8
I knew this book on immigration was different from any other I have ever seen, when, on the first spread, it acknowledges the fact that "some of us were already here...," and the second, "...some of us were brought in chains." But it goes on from there to focus on the numerous things people brought with them that have enriched all of us. Ringgold's vibrant art underscores the beauty of the many peoples who have become Americans. -- Joan (RBB Staff)
Eleven and Holding Eleven and Holding by Mary Penney
Published: HarperCollins, June 7th, 2016; Recommended Age: 8-12
Macy is eleven-years-old, and without her dad by her side, she has no intention of turning twelve. He's been gone before for missions with the Marines, but after being discharged, Macy starts to wonder what this new secret "important work" is about. This story is a great read for understanding loss and finding new beginnings. Themes such as PTSD and dealing with grief make it a starting point for discussion. -- Stacy (RBB Staff)
The Unexpected Everything The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson
Published: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, May 3rd, 2016; Recommended Age: 13+
Andie's plan for the summer is simple: attend her dream summer medical program that just happens to be far, far away from her father and his most recent political programs. But an unexpected event causes Andie to be plan-less, stuck in town for the season, employed in a job she had never dreamed of walking. The Unexpected Everything one of the realest and most enjoyable contemporaries I've read in a long time. It captures the lazy days of summer and close teenage friendships in a very realistic way while still telling a semi-whimsical tale of romance, spontaneous trips, and scavengers hunts. I highly recommend this for everyone who is just waiting for the first days of summer to begin. -- Tamara (Teens Read Book Club)
The Cresswell Plot The Cresswell Plot by Eliza Wass
Published: Disney-Hyperion, June 7th, 2016; Recommended Age: 14+
This novel follows the lead character, Castley, who, along with her family, is an outcast from society because of their religious beliefs. The family borders on a cult, with strict schedules and unorthodox religious values, and the family has become estranged from the rest of the town. Castley slowly starts to think that her father´s strict religious rules are unnecessary and begins to stray from her old ways, causing conflict between her and her siblings. This was a fast-paced novel that continuously kept me paging through to find out the ending. The world Wass created was gripping and kept me on my seat until the very last page.      -- Greta (Teens Read Book Club)
The Loose Ends List The Loose Ends List by Carrie Firestone
Published: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, June 7th, 2016; Recommended Age: 14+
At the start of this summery, coming-of-age debut novel, the characters of The Loose Ends List are reminiscent of your typical rich, carefree, reality stars. However, 17-year-old Maddie and the rest of her family are more human than they seem. The book follows Maddie and her family on an around-the-world cruise to celebrate and honor her dying grandmother. Traveling from from Iceland to Italy, and many places in between, Maddie learns how to accept the death of her best friend and grandmother, and experiences her first true love. Full of heart and bittersweet moments, Carrie Firestone's first book is definitely worthy of a read.       -- Kelsie (RBB Staff)
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