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Neighborhood Delivery

Anyone within our neighboring zip codes (see below) can get their order of $25 or more delivered to them for free. We currently deliver on Tuesdays after 3 pm. If any of the items in your cart are not in stock we will deliver once all items have arrived in the store.  Call 651-224-8320 or shop online to join the fun!

To particpate online:

1. Create an order.

2. Pay in whatever method you prefer, then choose "Neighborhood Delivery" as your shipping option. If your order is more than $25 you can select "Free Neighborhood Delivery."

3. Wait for delivery! We will drop off your book(s) sometime after 3pm on a Tuesday. For social distancing best practice, we'll leave it at your door and ring the bell (if you live in an apartment, we'll give you a call to let you know we've delivered it).

4. Read!


Delivery policies:

We will deliver to the following zip codes: 55101 • 55102 • 55103 • 55104 • 55105 • 55106 • 55107 • 55108 • 55111 • 55112 • 55113 • 55114 • 55116 • 55117 • 55118 • 55119 • 55120 • 55121 • 55144 • 55150 • 55401 • 55402 • 55403 • 55404 • 55405 • 55406 • 55407 • 55408 • 55413 • 55414 • 55415 • 55418 • 55423 • 55450 • 55454 • 55455

We require a $25 minimum on orders for free local delivery; otherwise local delivery is $4.99.

Deliveries are made only on Tuesdays.

Residential deliveries only; no delivery to offices or businesses. If you live in a secure building, there must be a place available for packages to be left. We are not able to accommodate specific delivery times.

Not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items after delivery. If you have concerns about packages being left at your door, please select standard shipping or pick up rather than local delivery for your order.

If your items are not in stock, we will let you know when we process your order.  Those items will be ordered and delivered as soon as they arrive.  If you are waiting on books that we have ordered and you plan to be out of town, please contact us so we can hold your delivery should your books arrive while you are away.

Winter weather delivery note: We will not deliver on days we feel the conditions could compromise the safety of our staff, including days when snow parking emergencies have been declared. We may ship packages rather than deliver, or hold packages to deliver when road and weather conditions allow.