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Pages from Red Balloon

Drawing of the Goodnight Moon board bookOnce upon a time, a bunch of Red Balloon booksellers started an after-hours writing group. They met weekly (they still do, but over Zoom....) to encourage each other to keep writing and to talk about craft—issues they were having with their work, that week's writing successes (and failures), projects they were dreaming up for the future. They all wrote very, very different things, from essays to horror stories, from fantasy to contemporary romance, from historical fiction to sci-fi. 

So then they had a thought. Maybe it would be fun, as a special project, to each write a story somehow connected to Red Balloon. And they'd all write in whatever genre they felt like, just to see what would happen.

When they'd finished, they looked at all the stories and thought, "Huh. These are actually pretty fun. Maybe they'd make a good anthology..." And then, because they were (are) busy, busy people, they mostly didn't do anything about it. But then it occured to them that maybe other people might like to read the anthology—and that maybe they'd even be willing to donate money to a good cause so they could read a bunch of silly stories about a much-beloved bookstore.

So here we are!


Pages from Red Balloon contains horror, haiku, romance, dragons, space travel, and (of course) lots and lots of books.Drawing of small dragon breathing fire over a quarter

It is more than 100 pages long, with a hand-drawn cover and spot illustrations. Each and every thing in it was created by a current or former Red Balloon bookseller.

Pages from Red Balloon is freely available—in either digital or physical format—for a limited time, but donations are greatly appreciated. Any and all money collected will go to BINC (Book Industry Charitable Foundation). BINC is an organization that gives money directly to booksellers in need of financial assistance. (Learn more here.)


If you choose a digital edition, select "Pick up at store" and we will email a PDF of the anthology to the email address you used to place your order.

If you choose a physical copy, you can select any method of delivery, but please note that physical copies are created on-demand and so will not be immediately available.

NOTE: Two of the stories in the anthology are a bit too grown-up to be suitable for younger children. If you would prefer a kid-friendly version (without those two stories), please put a note in your order comments.


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