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Parking Lot Parcel Pick-up

Introducing Parking Lot Parcel Pick-up!

Place an order and have a Red Balloon bookseller run it out to you in the parking lot!


How to use Parking Lot Parcel Pick-up:

1. Place an order online or by phone for any in-stock book or toy, making sure to mention that you would like to use Parking Lot Parcel Pick-Up. The order must be paid (for online orders, do not pick the "pay at store" option). Please include any instructions for wrapping, gift receipts, etc.
Make sure to give us a phone number that can receive and send text messages.

2. Wait for a confirmation text from Red Balloon! It will come from 408-624-8199.

3. Stop by anytime during store hours and park in the Red Balloon parking lot. You may use the disability parking spot as a "loading" spot if the rest of the lot is full.

4. When you arrive, reply to the text we sent you with your name and the type and color of your car (so we know which one to look for). A Red Balloon bookseller will be out in just a few minutes with your parcel!