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Piano on Our Patio

Red Balloon is once again partnering with Pianos on Parade and Keys 4/4 Kids to provide you with a Piano on Our Patio!  Stop by for a spontaneous performance or one of our organized musical storytimes!

Interested in organizing a performance on our patio?  We welcome theater groups and piano students of all kinds!  For more information, please call the store at 651-224-8320 or email Angela at


Our 2015 piano was designed and painted by students at Capitol Hill Gifted and Talented Magnet School! 

"We talked about the piano's shape, where it might be placed, and what we wanted it to represent.  The students decided that it should show our pride in St. Paul and they all did rough draft ideas.  We put all 35 rough drafts on the tables in the classroom and the students picked the top 5.  They then voted again and picked the design that is on the piano.  In it's original form, the bottom and sides of the piano had flowers and donuts, but when we found out where the it was going to "live" the student who did the original design reworked it to include the books.  Many of the students who worked on the piano know the bookstore well and were thrilled to have the chance to paint the piano knowing it would be seen by their friends and families."    -- Capitol Hill's Art Specialist Julie Woodman, NBCT 



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 Just like our regular storytimes...with an added twist! Bring a blanket for these outdoor storytimes on our patio, brought to you by Keys 4/4 Kids and Red Balloon Bookshop!

Check back soon for the 2017 dates!



Keys 4/4 Kids donates pianos to low-income families, schools, churches, and community centers. Through their Piano Placement Program, Paint a Piano, and Pianos on Parade, children throughout our communities gain confidence and music appreciation.  



Pianos on Parade (POP) is a project that places twenty-five 'artistically transformed' pianos around the Twin Cities in various outdoor locations for all to play and enjoy.

Pianos for POP will be decorated by teams of professional local artists and the students they've been mentoring. These pianos will play host to both spontaneous and planned events and concerts. Other pianos will be on tour and will pop up at various outdoor fairs, festivals, restaurant patios and sporting events throughout the summer.


POP is a joint collaboration between Keys 4/4 Kids, a local nonprofit organization that sells donated pianos and uses the profits to fund charitable programs, and the office of the Mayor of St. Paul, Chris Coleman. For more information, visit

Our 2014 piano, beautifully decorated by 4th graders at Linwood Monroe Arts Plus.